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A Day In The Office…

Posted in Uncategorized by Brian on October 17, 2008

It’s not easy blogging all day about green happenings. For example, its really hard to find synonyms for the word “green.” After using “eco-friendly,” and “environmentally-conscious,” the pickings are slim. Setting that aside, here’s a glimpse into the people behind the words.



Teresa Wu

Choice Music and Sounds: R&B/hip hop, classical, and a sprinkling of Asian pop…

Hobbies: yoga, snowboarding, blogging, the internet!

Television show of choice: 24

Mac or PC: Mac

Favorite restaurant: Little Sheep Hot Pot



Brian Park

Choice Music and Sounds: a bit of everything, but I click more with bossa, instrumental jazz, and indie/folk.

Hobbies: sports, writing reviews on, learning different musical instruments, pretty much art in any and every form.

Television show of choice: Whose Line is it Anyways?, Arrested Development, The Office

Mac or PC: PC “fo life” baby.

Favorite restaurant: Ducca’s or Pacific Catch (both in San Francisco)

Current Environmental Interest: Awareness and Sustainability issues



Michael Buttery

Choice Music and Sounds: like brian a bit of everything, but I mainly enjoy the sounds of the oldies and classic rock.  Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers are one of my favorite bands.

Hobbies: sports, I enjoy running and I love playing soccer, I am currently trying out for UCSD’s track team.

Television show of choice: House, Arrested Development, The Office, South Park

Mac or PC: PC, I don’t understand Macs .

Favorite restaurant: Cotxian (Okay so it isn’t exactly a restaurant, but it is open 24/7.  That’s service with a smile)


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