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Brian’s Top Green Gadgets Picks! -Week One-

Posted in Uncategorized by Brian on October 17, 2008
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Hello world. It is I, Brian, and I’ve decided to create this little weekly segment to satisfy our inner gadget hoes (pardon my French). Here are some nifty doodads that’ll put more green in your wallet and on the Earth. (and no, the grassy Volkswagon didn’t make it into the post. sorry.)

AlertMe Wireless Activate/Deactivators

AlertMe’s new wireless energy communicators effectively turn out the lights in your home or turn down (or up) the thermostat in your living room when you leave your home’s vicinity. You can even communicate wirelessly with the home system to turn on/off anything plugged into one of the AlertMe by sending a text message command via cellphone or internet to the home system. To take the cake, the AlertMe wireless kit lets you view your home’s energy consumption by logging onto the AlertMe website (with a subscription fee). Savvy indeed.

Available at

Sony’s Organic LED TV

The ONLY place where Gilmore Girls meets ESPN Sunday Night Football in energy-saving bliss. Fellow humans rejoice, a television experience in glorious High-Definition is possible for the very first time in Orangic LED screen technology (OLED’s are advanced lighting units that consume less power while delivering a powerful and rich visual experience). Herein lies the caveat: the unit disappoints in size and price as the screen is only 11” diagonally and will set you back a whopping $2499.99. So while all you bioengineers can enjoy your TV experience with an OLED, the rest of us will have to watch The Office on our regular sets.

Information about the TV and retailers available at

2010 Toyota Prius

As if this post weren’t pricey enough, Toyota has leaked some news on the upcoming (and highly anticipated) 2010 Prius. While official specs aren’t available, a definite highlight of the new Prius is that it is plug-in capable meaning that you can charge the car at home via wall jack plug-in.

Sorry to burst your bubbles, but the new Prius is by no means, a powerful all-electric vehicle. The prototype still has a gas tank and is limited to 7 miles of electric-only range after a 4 hour wall charge. Similarly, the 1.5-liter inline four-cylinder engine can hit about 25mph before the gasoline engine takes over (electric engines currently are incapable of generating high levels of horsepower/torque). Still, the upcoming prius will marks a new generation of plug-in vehicles that will greatly improve gasoline consumption (preserving gas during slow speeds and during stop-and-go traffic) that may very well change the way gasoline and electric providers target the consumer. Chevron Electric stations anyone? You didn’t hear it from me…

Expected sometime in 2009, some future grads will (hopefully) have jobs, so keep your eyes peeled for this gas-stretching set of wheels.


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  1. Ian said,

    dude, i want the TV!

    and the prius too….

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