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Green Perspectives: Sustainability VS Renewable Energy

Posted in Uncategorized by Brian on October 17, 2008

If you look around on the news today about developments on cutting-edge energy sources, you’re likely to find globs of information on clever solar panels or clean biofuels. While these things are fine and dandy, they aren’t the solution to today’s energy fiasco.

The difference between sustainability and renewable energy

Sustainability focuses on cutting back on energy-usage in daily life while renewable energy concepts are geared towards appeasing the energy demands of today. This poses a serious problem in how we approach the global issue of wasting of resources and the environment.

So what?

We need to balance our views towards sustainability and renewable energies; achieving both will create a cleaner future and society. However, being a champion of sustainability is unpopular since it relies heavily on informing and changing individual views towards energy usage. For example, its easier to buy a product that fractionally reduces your energy consumption than buying into the idea of living a more green-conscious lifestyle. However, relying on new technologies and green products won’t solve our current consumption dilemma; we are consuming resources like fossil fuels and producing waste at such a high rate, that there is no way a new product or technology could solve our energy crisis. We need to change our consumption lifestyles if we want to have anything left in the future.

OMG. How did this view “happen”?

Through outlets of communication, we’ve neglected to talk more about the energy issue and sustainability. We’ve seen far too many commercials for biofuels and energy star appliances than advertisements towards creating better energy plans for the common home. To address the energy issue, we’ve got to replace the prevailing idea of resources as being infinite, to something that is precious and limited. So next time you go out to buy a new light bulb that’ll cut back your SDG&E bill, consider whether you’ve been leaving the lights on.


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