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Being Green Never Looked So Good

Posted in Green Lifestyle by Brian on October 17, 2008

While many businesses’ approach to being green-savvy involve complex webs of mathematics, chemical formulas, and some sort of diabolical scheme to takeover the world, RVL7 clothing designers have been using the left side of their brain to make peace between environmental enthusiasts and fashionistas.

What’s so special about RVL7?

Despite historic animosity amongst fashion labels and environmental activists, RVL7 creates clothing that actually cultivates a respect for nature. Besides constructing quality garments with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified materials that are ecologically sound and environmentally-friendly clothing dyes, the idea of conveying environmental awareness is in itself, genius. One of the biggest issues facing global sustainability is awareness; the average American knows more about The Cheetah Girls than the looming threats to the environment.

Hooray for America. -finger twirling in the air-

However, if consumers support green products – such as RVL7 apparel – cleaner production processes and green ideas could become new standards in homes, schools, and businesses.

RVL7 philosophy

Instead of putting a bunch of phony green schemes and slapping smiley faces on their shirts, RVL7 integrates ecologically sound practices in their products and during production. Besides utilizing fair trade policies, the brand itself believes in doing their part towards a cleaner future by doing what they love in a earth-minded way. pretty neat, huh?

The clothes itself

If a brand wants to live today, its gotta pay homage to what matters most – The threads. Luckily, RVL7 shirts are not itchy or scraggly, but really comfortable and fit really well. Most of the shirts have a minimalist/vintage look and a modern fit, so if you enjoy a shirt with some pastel/soft looks, RVL7 may be right down your alley.

peep some of their great threads and retailing information at


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  1. tina! said,

    i saw them on library walk!! i really like the dove shirt. cool blog! 🙂

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