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5 Steps on Your Road to Solar Energy

Posted in How To by Teresa on October 20, 2008
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Two huge factors that prevent people from greenifying thier homes? Either they think it’s expensive or they think the process is simply too tedious. However, few people know that costs can definitely vary with photovoltaic systems — and the majority of solar installers will give you a zero-obligation quote based on your home. There’s no reason not to at least figure out how much it would cost.

And really? It’s not as complicated as it sounds. Here’s your quick and easy guide to going solar.

1) The free energy audit
You should be able to get a free energy-efficiency audit to determine how much your current energy usage is and to analyze how you can make other elements of your home more energy efficient.

2) Finding an installer
In order to install the best system for your home, you’ll need to search for a qualified contractor. Find and contact an independent system expert; together you can figure out what solar installation is ideal for your needs and your budget. You should also obtain bids before deciding which potential solar expert you want to go with.

3) Let the solar installer do his thing!
Your solar installer will typically take care of the paperwork documenting location, solar system positioning, and equipment specification. The installer should submit these to the Program Administrator and city agencies for you.

4) Inspections all around
The solar installer will meet with your local building permit agency for an inspector to come and approve the installation. The final apporval will go to the Program Administrator; after the on-site inspection and meter installation, it’ll be connected to the grid, and YES! You’ll finally have clean, renewable solar energy.

5) Here come the perks
Tax incentives and tax credit are just the icing on the cake. Your Program Administrator, as well as the California Solar Initiative, rewards you for installing solar panels.


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