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How DOES Solar Energy Work?

During our trip to the Solar International Expo in downtown San Diego last week, Mike and I learned the ins and outs of the newest solar technology. You’ve heard about solar technology, you’ve seen it on people’s roofs, but what exactly is happening with these rooftop panel things?

Here we go… everything you ever needed to know about photovoltaic solar energy, after the jump!

The pros of solar energy:

  • Lowers utility bill
  • Reduces fossil fuel consumption
  • Reduces global warming

How it actually works:

  • Particles of light from the sun beam onto silicon cells in a module, creating a direct current.
  • There’s a switch to protect the solar modules from grid power fluctuations.
  • The solar current travels through the modules to an inverter, and that turns it into household AC.
  • When there’s excess solar current, the system sends it back.
  • When more power is needed, the switch takes power from the utility grid.

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