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Governor Schwarzenegger terminating Greenhouse Gas Emissions in California

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Building on his commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing the state’s renewable energy output, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on the 17th of November, signed Executive Order S-14-08 (EO) to streamline California’s renewable energy project approval process and increase the state’s Renewable Energy Standard to 33 percent renewable power by 2020. In 2007, only 12% of California’s electricity came from renewable sources.


Breaking Down Environmentalism Under Obama.

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Politicians must start viewing the earth under the lens of long-term consequences, rather than 4-year presidential cycles. President-Elect Barack Obama has previously called climate change “one of the greatest moral challenges of our generation.” Obama’s administration hopes to take a wider view, with his new energy economy proposals suggesting that we lay a groundwork that allows us to use fossil fuels less and less. Here we’ll examine his plans for solving the environmental crisis during his leadership.

Obama’s main goal is to improve the job market by creating millions of new green jobs.

Within his aggressive policy, his goal is to ensure that 10-percent of our electricity comes from renewable sources by 2012 and 25-percent by 2025. In addition, by weatherizing one million homes each year, Obama hopes to decrease overall energy usage, which will also lead to moderated energy prices across the board.


Prop 7 and 10 Fail to meet California’s Expectations

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Votes %
YES 327658 36.05%
NO 581249 63.95%
100% precincts reporting
Votes %
YES 381246 42.40%
NO 517883 57.60%
100% precincts reporting

Hey everybody!  So proposition 7 and proposition 10 were two props on November 4th’s California ballot that addressed the issues of renewable and cleaner energy.  In theory they sounded like a step in the right direction yet both of them did not pass; let’s learn a little more about them and why they were doomed to fail. (more…)

Switching Gears

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courtesy of ejihno @

courtesy of ejihno @

The old adage goes without saying, “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.”

Up ’til now, our post have been focused mainly on individual cutting-edge gadgets and specific developments. We’d like to shift gears towards presenting different aspects of the larger, more global issues in which we’re all deeply involved. We hope that by dropping this knowledge, you’ll see what we see: a genuine need for changes in consumption attitudes around the globe.


A Bright Idea? (part 1)

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I remember the first time i saw a compact florescent light bulb (or CFL for short). It looks kind of like a cross between a McDonald’s 99 cent icecream cone and the Michelin man. Cute.


What made it even more interesting was the fact that it used less energy than incandescent light bulbs and that they lasted longer. In the long run, these light bulbs pay for themselves while saving the environment by using less energy. Sweet deal right? Yeah… I thought so too…