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Breaking Down Environmentalism Under Obama.

Posted in Uncategorized by Teresa on November 21, 2008

Politicians must start viewing the earth under the lens of long-term consequences, rather than 4-year presidential cycles. President-Elect Barack Obama has previously called climate change “one of the greatest moral challenges of our generation.” Obama’s administration hopes to take a wider view, with his new energy economy proposals suggesting that we lay a groundwork that allows us to use fossil fuels less and less. Here we’ll examine his plans for solving the environmental crisis during his leadership.

Obama’s main goal is to improve the job market by creating millions of new green jobs.

Within his aggressive policy, his goal is to ensure that 10-percent of our electricity comes from renewable sources by 2012 and 25-percent by 2025. In addition, by weatherizing one million homes each year, Obama hopes to decrease overall energy usage, which will also lead to moderated energy prices across the board.

Obama has voted in favor of coal-mining initiatives in the past, but during his term, he hopes to create partnerships that will make clean carbon capture coal plants. Greenhouse gas emissions, a major contributor to global warming, are a priority — Obama’s vision is to reduce them by 80-percent in the next 40 years through an economy-wide cap program. This is a very specific (and ambitious) method in which pollution credits will be auctioned, with proceeds being used to back clean energy, environmentally protected habitats, etc.

Last of all, Obama seeks reengagement with the international forum, the UN Frameowrk Convention on Climate Change, while repositioning the U.S. as a leader on environmental issues.

While all of these goals are not decidedly realistic in a four-year span, given that the average American can rally behind these environmental causes, steps to progress will definitely be made.


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