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Coca Cola Culture

Posted in Uncategorized by Teresa on December 9, 2008

Coca Cola is a symbol of the United States worldwide. It represents freedom, refreshment on a hot summer day, choice, and more.

Behind the brand, however, Coca Cola has a history of poor environmentalism and violation of business practices such as animal testing. Like the branding behind water bottles that we explored, people drink Coca Cola for the brand, not for the taste. The subconscious marketing message strongly affects our perceptions of taste, even.

Coke is closing in on free trade, and perhaps most fits into the “universalization” definition of globalization as defined by Mark K. Smith — we have in effect spread this brand, the drink, and the experience to all corners of the world. Like the branding of water bottles as a certain type of democratized choice, Coca Cola also becomes brand content that, by choosing, we can confirm our own identities.Another issue that often arises is the way Coca Cola attempted to consume the public sector by leveraging public institutions as investment opportunities, using corporate globalization at the expense of the health of our citizen

Even though we often hear about Coca Cola’s poor practices and the consumer backlash that comes with it, has that really stopped us from drinking the nation’s favorite soda?


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  1. michaelb21 said,

    Fascinating piece Teresa, I don’t drink soda myself but I do like the Christmas commercials that Coca-Cola put out with the polar bears and the penguins. After reading this article it makes me think that these commercials should look a little different, maybe with the polar bears and penguins strapped down and administered Coca-Cola until they like it.

    Here is an article written by Brenda Goodman of the New York Times on Coca Cola and animal testing.

  2. michaelb21 said,

    Here is a youtube clip of one of those Coca-Cola commercials I was talking about.

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